How to create html signature in outlook? A quick and useful guide

It took me some time to realize that Outlook does not provide an easy way to create an html signature, the solution is very simple, but didn’t think a simple copy-paste would work.??

Many thanks to Simple Thoughts who gave me the solution, or at least the path to find the best solution that worked for me. ??

After following their suggestions, I found out that the copy-paste from the web browser works fine visually but I still had two issues to solve

  1. html code was not clean enough to go through all possible mail clients
  2. link to online images were lost (example : company logo) and transformed into links to the local computer, which is of course not what I wanted, as it is best to have the visual elements stored online rather than sent from one computer to another one.??

In order to solve this, I went manually to the signature files (path /users/username/appdata/roaming/microsoft/signatures in Windows 7) and edited them. Keep in mind that you have 3 signatures to edit (htm, rtf and txt).??


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